Private Academy
Full time or A La Carte
Evelyn Educates provides learning outside of the traditional school setting.  Classes are typically offered from the student’s home computer in a study environment.

EE provides instruction in a wide variety of subjects from Pre-K through College.

Mindful Mentoring
EE pairs students with noted professionals and life coaches to set an example of how to advance life goals.

SAT / ACT Prep
Standardized tests for admissions into college are a milestone that many students will cross.  EE is here to prepare students to score well on these mandatory application requirements.

Special Education Advocacy
Evelyn Educates is a strong voice for those who are receiving special education.  Utilizing our certified professionals, EE can build a solid defense for difficult situations.

Career Planning
EE works with all ages to establish a lifelong professional attainment plan.

College Advisement
EE prepares students for the college journey.  EE helps in the college selection and admissions process as well as providing tutoring services throughout your collegiate journey.