The World is Watching- And So Are Your Kids

I write to you with honor, love, and respect.

"The absorbent mind is one of the most important ideas in early childhood education. The absorbent mind makes our adult lives possible." ~Mary Ellen Maunz

It's a highly emotional time here in America. As a matter of fact, emotions have been running high throughout the Black Lives Matter movement and all throughout the Pandemic. As we entered 2021, many people were at a breaking point emotionally. Now, as I update this blog on 7/7/21, I write knowing that we have a divided nation politically, emotionally, spiritually, financially- and here we are hurting and crying- and all over again.

When we're triggered emotionally, we each respond in a variety of ways. Some retreat, some lash out, some stuff the emotions down, and some cement a sense of emotional calm.

***I choose a state of calm and the awareness that the Universe and God love us, hold us, and soothe our hurts; the Universe is all-knowing, and to live a life of love is to live beautifully and with exuberant joy.***

Our children are watching and are highly sensitive beings FEELING us.

From birth to about six years old, it's important to know that their brains are SUPER different than ours.