Thanksgiving Thank You from Mrs. Evelyn Educates

Great moods produce great results and great days, and it is through my great heart that I say thank you.

The better our attitudes, the better we can overcome challenges, and it is with my positive attitude, that I say thank you.

Gratitude fills my heart. My mind is positive, and I can and will continue to serve through compassion, empathy, and the most positive expectations for our learners and families.

Today I will see the good. I will give my all today and every day to serve you.

Thank you for grace, mercy, understanding, parents, children, love, kindness, peace, humility, and prosperity.

I say thank you in advance to the families heading our way.

Nothing is better than the good feelings from helping others, and helping others we will forever continue.

I visualize every day the success of our learning community. I ask you to visualize where you see yourself and your learners in the next month, the next year, the next five years.

Let's love the lives we create!

Don't hesitate to reach out to me.

Lots of love,

Mrs. Evelyn Educates


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