Special Needs Learners in a Coronavirus World

Since so many school districts that are doing online learning have REALLY high class size numbers, it breaks my heart for every single student with special needs.

During this tough time, I know that everyone is doing their very best, of course, but I'm writing this because these high numbers in classrooms isn't effective for so many learners who have unique needs, the learners who can't follow quick video instructions and need concepts modeled and broken down in small groups, which they had in a formal school building.

The students I tutor in the afternoons are so overwhelmed right now in a large class online.

I encourage you to think about homeschooling right now. Homeschooling means formal learning for ONLY a couple of hours a day. Homeschooling gives our students the freedom to be kids. The freedom to play outside and enjoy board games and television and time with their families while focusing on specific learning tasks in small chunks of time.

School is challenging enough for special needs learners. Now we throw in large class sizes online, and our special needs learners are not receiving the accommodations they need. It hurts me.

Teachers with large class sizes are absolutely doing their best, and this isn't on them. Not at all. My special needs kiddos especially need to be SEEN and HEARD. This system is ineffective and just so harmful to my special needs kiddos.

When learning takes you a little extra time and you need something different, a large class may not work for you.

This is a wonderful time to homeschool honestly, and homeschooling doesn't mean sitting at a computer all day long. Homeschooling means fresh air, breaks, learning a few hours a day at different times during the day. Homeschooling means running around outside and having lots of time to take the pressure off and enjoy family and board games.

Please reach out to other homeschooling families. They can show you how refreshing taking the pressure off can be. This isn't the time for any additional stress for anyone, especially children.

I couldn't possibly effectively teach 30 kiddos simultaneously on a computer. Kids need to be seen and heard.

The maximum number of students I teach at a time is 5. If I'm teaching for entertainment purposes, I'll teach higher numbers, but when I'm teaching for understanding, it's really important to keep the classroom numbers low.

It's okay to be different. It's okay to think outside of the box, and please give your kiddos time to play outside and cook and laugh and relax. A couple of hours of formal learning a day is absolutely enough.

I urge you to consider homeschooling, and if the teaching component is overwhelming to you as a parent trying to work as well, please reach out, and let's formulate a plan to alleviate stress for you.

I wish I was a mom. I wish I had babies and children running around my house. My blessing is helping you. My blessing is being a part of your family.


-Mrs. Evelyn from Mrs. Evelyn Educates

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