Self-Care for your Soul, Queen

The divine timing is here, darlings. We're in a season of healing and awakening in our world, and it is a time of unification, strength, and empowerment. If you feel stirrings in your Soul to love yourself and to connect lovingly to others around you, you are listening to the Loving Kindness from God.

I want you to dive into caring for yourself like you never have before. Find that sacred time to take a bath and listen to your inner wisdom. Read that book curled up with your cozy blanket. Have that glass of Prosecco to tickle your fancy. It's time to love yourself.

Yes, the world is a busy place. Yes, we are all pulled in a multitude directions, but my Soul Sister, take pause. Look at the beautiful sky. Have you been watching the colors of the sunset? Have you looked up to ponder the magnitude of the moon?

Finding gratitude changes everything. You awaken to joyous, beautiful days. You attract the positivity around you and the light. Your energy grows, and you magically connect with the right friends, clients, and Soul Sisters exactly how to are supposed to and exactly when you are needed.

Seek out that guided meditation. Follow that leader on Breath Work. You deserve to feel calm, joyous, and fabulous.

Love to you.

Mrs. Evelyn Educates