My Unapologetic Vibe Attracts my Vibrant Tribe

When I was in my 20s, I admittedly felt that men were the superior authority in decisions. I felt this way in my teens as well as I deeply reflect. Due to this belief system, I found myself in one abusive relationship after the other, and I wondered why and how this could possibly happen to me repeatedly. My low vibe was attracting an ugly tribe of men, and my friendships during this time period of my life suffered. I didn't know my worth, and I certainly didn't sparkle. YET.

Post divorce, I slowly but surely gained my power and this momentum to continuously grow into a powerful, radiant woman. There were days of darkness in this growing process, and there were sloppy decisions, but I continued growing.

I tell my sisters today that purchasing my own condo BY MYSELF in the city of Atlanta attracted my dream man. I let go. My vibrancy was through the roof, and my dream man expressed his love for me and desire to marry me.

I'm writing this to my sisters today because I want to encourage you. I want you to know that you are strong. You are beautifully made. Your pain leads to your purpose, and I believe you are being prepared for a greatness you cannot even imagine.

I am now a confident woman- of course I have my struggles at times, but I radiate now as a loving wife and woman in business serving families through grace.

Those that are rude or melancholy all of the time or even low vibrations continuously- those are not my people. We all go through difficult times, of course, but what I am saying here is that being unapologetically me and focusing on my feminine power brings forth the sisterhood of friendships that I cherish, and I serve the families who believe in the grace and love of I hold in my heart.

My tribe is women who believe in women. Women who do not compete - women who lift and shine. My tribe values themselves and their bodies and minds. Mothers, sisters, daughters, dreamers, visionaries.

Were it not for my awakening in learning my value and treating myself as a Queen, I wouldn't be where I am today, and let me just tell you, I look forward to where I am going. I know that high vibes are continuously in my future.

I send you love. I send you light, and I send you a reminder to find your strength, my sister. You are made to rise. You are made to shine. Hold yo