My Soul's Purpose

By the time I was in middle school, I knew I wanted to work with kids, tweens, and teens. My guidance counselor at the time saw that I was made to support people emotionally.

You see, school to me is so much more than a classroom. Teaching is a dear gift of mine, and I love it, but my higher purpose is being a caregiver for you and a caregiver for your kiddos, tweens, and teens. Matching students and teachers together is magical to me, and do know that it isn't lightly done. If for any reason, you feel that your learner would better connect with a different teacher or tutor, our hearts are with you, and we absolutely understand and are here for YOU. You-- beautiful Soul Mamas!

When I started tutoring my friend's kiddos a few years ago after stepping away from traditional education, my soul lit on magical fire. I FELT the value of being seen, heard, valued, and supported.

While we've grown and teach a bit of every subject under the sun, the mission of Evelyn Educates remains the same. Our mission is to empower our youth and learners to understand that they are beautifully and wonderfully made. We are here to love you. We are here to serve you.

I am here to share my gifts and talents with this world and to shine a light through my educational companies. I love to serve those who need something a little different - Mamas come to me for something different and oh so special in education. Mamas come to me for a listening ear. One of my greatest gifts is holding space for you. I can help by honoring your family, your beliefs, your culture, and matching you with the perfect teacher or tutor. I am known for having a compassionate heart and for being a smiling, shining light in this world! I feel my highest flow when I am making people smile - and holding space for Mamas when they cry.

I can make the world a better place through service. I share joy through making you laugh, holding space while you cry, and toasting to your accomplishments.

What makes Evelyn Educates unique is the personalized touch and the love that we pour into everything we do. We bring beauty to the world through the kindness of a childlike heart with the experience of an old soul.