I’d like to think that every time Lady Gaga thinks to herself, “Baby, you were born this way!” that she does a little sashay around her home, around the grocery store, or right there on the red carpet because Baby, you were born to be you! Yes, love. You were. Yes to my burly dudes, yes to my Queens, yes to my tomboys, and yes to my LGBTQ+ children, teens, adults, and their families and support systems. Yes! Thank you, Lady Gaga, for shining a light through song for all of us.

And to all, “Don’t be a drag. Just be a Queen,” in however that looks for you.

As a veteran educator for the past 15+ years, I urge from 2005 to present day 2020, I urge you to open your heart and mind to support our youth as they face deep, internal struggles. I see that children and teens model the behaviors and opinions of their parental system in the hallways of our schools.

I’m 4’10’’, and I assure you that this height allows me to hear some very REAL conversations, and some of those conversions are just hurtful and judgmental and mean!

Sometimes those conversations are precious and adorable, and I respectfully pretend not to hear a thing.

This tiny woman life also allows me the privilege of diving right in to support our youth and engage in supportive encouragement through my voice and actions when I am needed, and sometimes I am truly needed. As our children and teens search for their own identities and voices and how to interact with one another, sometimes you just need a kind adult to guide that conversation a bit. I wish I could always be there, but I know that we have to release our children and teens into their own conversations and conflict resolution as they become adults.

I now own an education company in which I support our children and teens, and when working with one teen in particular as they prepared for a high stakes test, I was so very bless