Joyful or Joyless?

"Your thoughts are incredibly powerful. Choose yours wisely." — Joe Dispenza

Take a moment and look within. What energy radiates from your inner Self?

We attract so much of what comes to us through our energies.

Let's start small.

Are you expecting your meal to have too many onions, or are you expecting the quesadilla to melt in your mouth? You experience exactly what you expect.

Are you expecting to have a beautiful day or for your day to be filled with one mess after another? That traffic jam will lead to the paper jam, which will lead to the jam on your bread tasting just crummy.

It’s super interesting to me and honestly scary that some of us have created this feeling that if we are happy in today's world that we're not listening? That we aren't caring? That we aren't aware of the shadows?

Wars and famine and poverty have been happening in our world since the beginning of time, but today, we are all so interconnected. This is a double edged sword.

Are you focusing on the joy? Or... Are you falling into the abyss of the joyless?

Don't be afraid to share your joy! Your new podcast, your birthday, your raise! It's fabulous to share your joy, and it is authentic to be you.

Yes, we have darkness in this world, but are you finding the light and sharing it?

When you focus on being angry and what isn't fair and what is depressing, you are putting on a lens in a world that tells you that you are asleep if you aren't fueled with anger. If we can't tap out of the darkness, we are creating more division.

Beautiful Soul. I ask you to dance.

Joy is... positive vibes.

Joy is... beautiful vibes.

Let's live in a world that we celebrate. A world of harmony and beauty. A world of individuals that are wonderfully designed. Helping and saving the world and creating a more joyful world means to be a living example of peace and love.

Listen rather than yell. The social media debates are not working. To know if you are resonating with someone, look into their eyes. Look at their body language. To be a light, donate to the causes we love. Let's create change through compassion and understanding.

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