Intentional Quiet Time

Parents, I want you to think of a time in which you were truly relaxed. Was it at the beach? Was it during a nap? Was it listening to the rain while drinking a glass of wine? Was it falling into a powerfully written novel?

My guess is that your sense of peace was during a time that was quiet for you.

There is a beauty to quiet time, and we have to be intentional to seek it out not only for ourselves but for our children and teens.

We know that our babies need sleep that that our littles need nap time to recharge and reset, but so do our children and teens.

It is within the quiet that we find our brightest ideas and our darling imaginations flourish with ideas. It is within the quiet that we revitalize our spirit.

Remember how you had that creative new thought for your work presentation in the shower? Yep. That was quiet time.

Creativity and concentration are found in our children and teenagers when they have quiet time that is intentional.

Researchers have learned that moments of solitude are so valuable. Even short spurts of quiet time offer solace to our youth. Freedom from social restrictions, demands, renewal of emotions, revival of creativity, improvement of concentration, and gaining of self control can all be rediscovered in the quiet.

Let's look to Jesus. In Luke 5:16, we learn that Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed. Even Jesus needed his precious quiet time.

My prayer for you and my prayer for your children is that you find joy in the quiet. Teenagers do not know to seek out the quiet, but they need that recharge, too. Whether it's a book or using the Calm app for 10 minutes, a bit of quiet recharges our bodies, mind, and spirit.

Love to you,

Mrs. Evelyn

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