Honoring our Veterans as a Family

Today is Veterans Day!

On this day, we offer thanks to the extraordinary men and women who have protected the nation throughout history, and we honor military veterans who have served in the United States Armed Forces, including the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, Navy, and the newly created Space Force.

John F. Kennedy beautifully shared, "As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them."

So, how can we live in expressing our gratitude in 2020?

Our children and teens can interview a veteran and learn their exceptional, heroic stories and personal accounts. Discuss what your children learn as a family, and have your learner journal about lessons learned and insights gained.

Drawing pictures and writing thank you notes mean so much to our veterans. This is a loving way to give thanks through acts of kindness. These pictures and notes let our veterans know that their courageous acts of bravery are not forgotten. Notes and pictures show gratitude and appreciation.

Donate toys and clothing to a Disabled American Veterans chapter in your area. Donating shows that we care, and that we honor our veterans through gifts of gratitude.

Play music in your home that honors America. Sing songs together, or simply listen to the lyrics and melodies of the musical creations that showcase our thanks to those who have fought to keep us safe.

Mike St. John is a dear friend of mine who has served as a marine from June of 1998, and he still serves today in 2020. Mike is also a Special Agent Federal Investigator.

Mike shares with us, "For older learners, like teens, one way to show appreciation is learning to appreciate the rights and privileges we have as Americans. It starts at home, and I’ve seen a lot of adults take for granted the freedoms we have. Families can do a little research together to see what life is like in other countries that don’t have the freedoms we do. Once they get that understanding they can appreciate the sacrifices that veterans have made to get us to where we are today."

Thank you, Mike, for sharing your words of wisdom. Yes! Learning and appreciating our freedoms as citizens in America means so much. We have so much to be grateful for and appreciate. As Mike explains, let us understand the sacrifices of our veterans. Let us appreciate where we are as a country.

In whatever way you celebrate and honor our Veterans, know that you are honoring them through goodness and light and grace.

Lots of love,

Mrs. Evelyn Educates


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