A Devastating Reality for Children, Parents, and Teachers in 2020

Before I write another word, it's imperative that everyone reading this blog knows you are respected, valued, and cherished.

I taught in public schools in a variety of teaching roles for over 12 years in counties both rural and urban, and I can tell you with everything I am that the expectations for teachers in 2020 are absolutely impossible to reach. As a matter of fact, the expectations were impossible before 2020, and we have had a mental health crisis with our teachers for years.

In our middle schools and high schools, one teacher is responsible for over 100 children. Over 100. Can you possibly imagine this?

The vast majority of teachers that I know personally- and I'm friends with tons- love their students unconditionally and want to serve through grace, but I can say that they are crying more now than ever before.

Let's look to the thoughts of one principal.

Brian McGill, the principal at Alta High School said, "This year, I’ve had more teachers on the verge of a nervous breakdown than ever before."


Caring for over 100 students as the beautiful individuals they are was nearly impossible before, but now that these faces are on a screen- and you can't even see all of the faces of your class at one time- a connection is being lost, and students are more distracted than ever before because they are not engaged, seen, and supported in a way that is meaningful.

Is virtual education the problem?

Absolutely not.

It's the high volume of numbers of students to serve, and until we can send more and more adults to support our teachers and serve our students with grace, we have a crisis.

We have a crisis of overwhelmed teachers in tears- and we have a crisis of students missing out on meaningful learning.

Yesterday, a family reached out to me. This has been happening frequently. I'm the principal of a homeschooling and tutoring company, and the parents were in distress--- as was their daughter.

It was the end of the nine weeks of school, and this beautiful, intelligent tween was missing such a high volume of assignments, it took 4.5 hours of diligent work to complete, and this was even after a Saturday school option was offered and completed through her public school.

This student is capable, but like so many other students we serve through my educational company, they are lacking the connection of a mentor who loves you unconditionally and supports you 1:1 through your educational journey both emotionally and academically.

Let's chat about our dear parents.

Our parents are in crisis, too.

How can our parents possibly manage keeping up with every missing assignment with multiple children along with having jobs? This is the reality of so many. My darling parents, you don't have to do this alone, and that is why my company and so many other precious teachers and tutors work diligently for hours on end to support every parent in crisis.

Please do not try to do this alone, Mamas. Let us serve you.

Until our public schools receive the literal help of more and more hired adults both in our buildings and working from home to serve students diligently, we will be in crisis.

Our children need to be seen.

Our parents need to be supported.

Our teachers need grace and help to lessen their workloads.

I'm a believer in choosing the path that works best for your family. If public schooling is your jam, I'm thrilled! If you're a private school mama or a homeschooling mama or a charter schooling mama or an unschooling mama, my heart is with you.

You are not alone.

Public school teachers, you are in my prayers. I was led down a path of serving families 1:1 and have found an abundance of joy serving this way. I pray that you find your path, too. I pray that you receive the support you so deserve.

Parents, I pray for your peace. I pray that you know that you are amazing and doing the very best job possible. Know that we're here to serve and support, and don't walk this journey alone.

Every child, every tween, every teen, and every young adult deserves an unwavering champion for their social, emotional, spiritual, and academic growth.

My team of teachers who serve 1:1 are angels.

Let us be your champions.

Lots of love,

Mrs. Evelyn Educates

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