Miss Jasmine

Teacher Support, Parent Coach, Special Education Coordinator, Tutor, Special Education Advocate

Mrs. Evelyn

School Leader, Founder, and

Inspirational Coach, Special Education and Gifted Education Advocate

Miss Betsy

STEM Teacher, Middle School, High School, and College Tutoring and Teaching, Mentor, SAT and ACT Prep

Mr. Moh

Math and Science Teacher, Middle School, High School, and College, SAT and ACT Prep

Mr. Spiers

Elementary School Specialist, Teacher, and Curriculum Coach

Mrs. Pat

Elementary, Middle, and High School Science Specialist, GED Teacher, Mentor

Ms. Jenni

International Teacher, Elementary, Middle School, High School Teacher, Writing Specialist, SAT and ACT Prep, Content Specialist and Curriculum Writer

Miss Ansley

Mindfulness Coach, High School and College Reading, Writing, and Math Teacher, Parent Coach, Mentor, SAT and ACT Prep, Guidance Counselor

Mrs. Sabrina

Administrative Assistant, Scheduling Coordinator, Grant Researcher, Teacher and Parent Support

Mr. Michael

Elementary, Middle, and High School Teacher, Gaming Specialist and Advocate, Sports Coach

Mr. Duncan

Middle School Math Teacher, Mentor, Physical Fitness Coach

Mr. Alex

Accounting, Parent Support, Mrs. Evelyn's Loving Husband 

Miss Victoria

Elementary and Middle School Teacher, Reading Specialist, Applied Behavioral Analysis Therapist, and Art Therapist